Welcome to Bear Central, the best bit of my website - where the newest teddy bears live!  To the right are thumbnail pictures of my current mini bears available for adoption....... just click on any of them to open a window with a larger picture and their details. 

Maybe none of my currently available creations has stolen your heart?  I encourage you to click on the “Orders” picture frame (below all the bears for sale) and consider ordering your own special and unique Rosey Day Miniature bear.  Need inspiration for that special bear, or maybe you are just interested in seeing some of the mini's who have moved on?  I invite you to click on the "Past Creations" frame and visit some of my old friends who have already gone out into the world to begin their big (erm…..I mean mini) adventures.

Maybe you don't want to buy one of my tiny bears, but to try your hand at making one - if that is the case I have a good selection of mohair and mini fabric kits & Patterns for you to browse and buy.  To check them out please click on the "Bear Kits" link above.

Also from here you can navigate to see the six bears I was honoured to have selected for the very prestigious Cheju Teddy Bear Museum in Korea.....just click on the Museum button above.  Or maybe if you love magazines (like me), you would like to go to my "Publications" page and see which of your favourites (Like Australian Bear Creations, Teddy Bear Review or Teddy Bear & Friends) have put my bears in print.

I have also featured many of my award-winning miniature bears, which you can access by clicking on the Winners button above.....and if you would like to find out a little more about Rosey Day, feel free to click on the Profile button to be taken to my Profile page.

Enjoy your visit here, and if you would like to be kept abreast of website updates and what is happening in my little part of the teddy bear world, I would love you to join my On-Line Members Club by signing in below.  Your details will be kept totally confidential!

Thank you for visiting and please come back soon! I would love you to send me an email - just use the contact button top left - and let me know what you think of my little bears (bunnies, cats, pandas, ducks etc. etc. etc.) and my site....your feedback is very important to me!

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You can see my little teds in the current issues of both Teddy Bear & Friends and Teddy Bear Review :o)
Lil' Nick