EDITION SIZE:  One of a kind
PRICE:  AUD$145  plus postage
(AUD$10 with in Australia  AUD$25 Rest Of The World)

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SIZE:  7.75cm/3in

*Yellow hand dyed vintage rayon (head + body) and hand dyed black vintage
long pile limbs, and black cashmere ears
*Ultrasuede foot pads and paw pads
*Onyx beads for eyes
*Disk and cotter pin neck joint with string jointing in the limbs
*Wooden stand

*Fully hand sewn
*Armature in arms  
*Embroidered black zig zag 'stripes'
*Black flower stamen antennae
*Exquisite, realistic insect style wins with iridescent segment detail
*Face has hand detailing in the form of needle sculpting, shading and an
embroidered nose painted with gloss acrylic
*Tiny, custom made 'Rosey Day Australia' shrinky tag on his back